Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aquamid - Long Lasting Fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aquamid®?
Aquamid®  is a hydrogel that consists of 97.5% water and 2.5% polyacrylamide, without any micro-particles. It completely integrates with your body tissues and behaves like it is a natural parts of your body.

How is Aquamid® different from other fillers?
With Hyaluronic acid fillers, wrinkle correction usually lasts up to 18 months. Since Aquamid® does not get absorbed in the body, the results may last for many years without the need for re-treatments.

Aquamid® is totally homogeneous (no particles). It is a “volume” filler as opposed to the “structural” fillers where the aesthetic result is obtained by intense foreign body reaction to the tissue irritant-microparticles. Hence Aquamid® does not cause tissue hardening and firm nodule formation.

Is Aquamid® safe?
Aquamid® has a proven track record for safety and lasting satisfaction based on ever ten years of experience and more than 400,000 treatments administered so far.

How soon do results appear?
You will see results immediately after the treatment.

How long will Aquamid® last?
Aquamid® has clinically proven aesthetic satisfaction for up to five years.

How long is the recovery?
A slight swelling might occur after injection, but will disappear after a few days.

Are there any potential side effects or complications?
As with all fillers injections, there is a small risk of mild irritation, redness, tenderness or transient swelling at the injection site. Typically such reactions resolve within a couple of days.
In rare cases, infection can occur. The symptoms could be a tingling sensation in the treated area. 

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