Tuesday, July 24, 2018

10 Essential Things Every Gentleman Should Get

So you have finally grown up. You no longer live with your parents, and you now have your own responsibilities. What separates a man from a boy? Here are some handy tips by our very own Doctor Bob:

1. Get insurance
You are starting to accumulate quite a bit of commitment at this point. Make sure you get yourself covered in case of the worst happening. You would not want all your effort to go to waste or even worse, burden your loved ones with your debts should the worst happen. Talk to your insurance provider about a plan that best suits you.
2. Get clear skin
You are no longer hitting puberty. You cannot blame your hormones for acne on your skin. You do not want to look like a prematurely aged secondary school boy.  You have some disposable income, so spend it where it matters. Invest in good skincare products to tackle your skin problems. If nothing else works, talk to your doctor who will be able to recommend medical treatments for you.

Clique Clinic has laser treatments including Dual Yellow laser, fractional laser as well as Pico Genesis laser for treatment of active acne as well as acne scars.

3. Get a car
You do not need to blow your bank account to get a car you cannot afford. Invest in a reliable car that will transport you uneventfully to work, and good enough to fetch your date after hours.

Having a car that does not smell like a garbage truck will increase your chances of scoring a second date. Get your car cleaned at least once a week. Never compromise in safety, make sure you get a car that is ASEAN NCAP safety rated, and always get your car serviced regularly.
4. Get fit
As you outgrow your adolescence phase, you will notice it being easier to accumulate fat especially around the midsection. You may need to put in more work to maintain your physique as your metabolism slows down. If you find it difficult to squeeze in the desired amount of physical activity, you may want to control your diet. A fit physique is 80% built in the kitchen, and 20% in the gym.

If you notice that you have some stubborn fats that are non-responsive to diet and exercise, you may want to consult a body contouring specialist. Clique Clinic is a certified provider and Key Opinion Leader for CoolSculpting that utilises Cryolypolysis to eliminate unwanted fat deposits.

5. Get a signature fragrance
Nothing leaves a more lasting impression than a scent. A scent triggers strong emotions and memories due to the direct connection our smell senses have to the area of the brain in charge of emotion and memory. Invest in several signature fragrances that you can wear in formal settings, and more casual settings. Deodorant sprays do not count. Deodorant is good for keeping body odour at bay, but you should splurge a little bit more for that designer or niche fragrance.

If you notice that you are perspirating more than you should, you may have a condition known as hyperhydrosis. Your doctor may be able to treat your condition with Botulinum Toxin A injections which will reduce your excessive sweating and subsequent body odour.

6. Get a watch
A watch is probably the only jewellery a man can carry without looking like a rapper wannabe. In a time where everyone has a mobile phone, the watch has become more of a fashion statement rather than a necessity. It is also handy for telling the time, as our mobile phones have limited power supply. An automatic watch is powered by your wrist movement.

It is considered less rude to have a quick glance at your wrist than to whip out your mobile phone while engaging in conversation to check the time. Plus, looking at your phone for the time will just create more unnecessary distraction, as you notice that you may have unread text or email notifications. A watch's sole function is to tell you the time.
7. Get well groomed
You may have moved out of your parents’ home, but you should not appear like you are homeless. Get well groomed. A gentleman should get a haircut at least once every few months if not monthly. Find a hairdresser you trust and stick with him or her.

Invest in a good set of shaving razors and shaving gel. You do not want to look like you had an encounter with a giant cat everytime you shave. Apply aftershave lotion to soothe your skin after.

If you notice that you have thinning hair or hair loss (androgenic alopecia), do consult with our doctors at Clique Clinic before it is too late. There are several modalities to treat androgenic alopecia including Platelet Rich Plasma, low-level laser therapy, Minoxidil spray, Finasteride tablets as well as specialised haircare products.

8. Get a credit card
This comes in handy when you need to pay for something expensive. You would not want to carry around a briefcase loaded with cash for obvious safety purposes. A credit card is also a lifesaver for when you realise you do not carry enough cash to pay for that romantic dinner you just had. Nothing kills chemistry more than having to split the bill, or even worse, making your date pay for it.

9. Get a passport
You need a passport to travel out of your own country. Get your passport stamped. Enough said.

10. Get well fitted clothing
Hopefully by now your clothes are no longer bought by your mother. It is time to get a well fitting wardrobe. You may want to consider investing in a nice suit. At your age you are most likely to attend more than a few weddings and corporate events annually. Most off the rack suits will need some altering to fit your body, or if you are willing to spend much more, nothing says you have made it like a bespoke suit made to measure. A bespoke suit is to men what lingerie is to women. Skip the flashy shiny materials or printed fabrics and opt for a classic look when it comes down to formal wear.
Dr Bob Klajo is an experienced and sociable medical aesthetic physician of Clique Clinic. His passion is to make people look their best with the help of state-of-the-art medical technology, specialising in skin lasers and injectology. Dr Bob values genuine relationship with his patients and friends.


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